General Information
Vision & Goal
- The good is an enemy to the great. Conceit and complacency are ways that lead to destruction -
 As we saw in a book written by James C. Collins, the good is the enemy of the great. For most good companies, to become 
a great company from is not an easy task. That is because many existing companies do not have the vision to notice the potential 
problems inherent in their organizations and try not to look at them, as they believe that they are already in the best situation. 
 We, JinYoungTBX Co., Ltd., will always look at the good thinking and actions by good people. We are making our utmost efforts 
to develop technologies with humility and the determination not to be swayed by temporary trends. 
 Our principle is to perform work to make us the world-best, the work to actuate the economic engine and the concentration on 
the work that only we can do. With this seemingly simple principle, we will try to become the greatest company in our field in 
the future.
 You can find out a lot of things when you look at the history of JinYoung since its foundation in 1982.
 For 20 years since the foundation, our manufacturing policy has been  shaped by the determination 
to make only the best quality products. So now, each of our workers has reached the level of master
 in each job.  However, we will not become complacent with our current situation. 
 We are going forward for more qualitative improvement as well as  quantitative investment in CAD/
CAM, high priced NC machinery. In addition, we have established the ERP system. using Web-based 
 IT processes. The ERP system makes it possible for us to meet the customer's needs faster in any
 time and any way. This is just the beginning for us, JinYoung TBX Co., Ltd. We aim to dominate in
the future of e-manufacturing, over the simple manufacturing horizon. 
 We see many words such as globalization and digitalization as the words of 21st century.
 In the 21st century, even though a company is small, it can survive if it has the right amount of competitiveness and 
its own technologies. World markets require companies to possess world-class management transparency, warranty and 
environmental responsibilities. According to this worldwide trend, JinYoung TBX co,.LTD. tries to achieve global competitiveness with 
advanced technologies even though it is small in size. Someday, our company name will remind people of a competitive and 
renowned firm in which all company members make every effort to make the company unrivaled in the world.
Head Officer & Changwon Plant : 456-28 Nae-dong, Seongsan-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, (642-050)Korea TEL : +82-55-295-2801 Fax : +82-55-292-8253